Buy a Wave Music Sytem IV - Digital




Enjoy lifelike, room-filling sound for all your music from a small and versatile system that’s now even more convenient to use.

The Bose Wave® music system IV - digital features built-in FM/AM/DAB+. The improved tuner now includes onscreen text display of the helpful information increasingly being provided by broadcasters, including the names of performers and songs. There’s also a clock, dual alarms with gently rising volume, an auxiliary input and a headphone jack.

For operational convenience, there’s a slim credit card-style remote – or simply touch the system’s top to turn it on and off, or to snooze the alarm.


Place the Wave® music system wherever you want to enjoy lifelike music – living room, kitchen, bedroom or office and experience the performance you expect from Bose, one of the most respected names in sound.


We’re so confident that the new Wave® music system IV – digital will transform the way you listen to music that we are offering a free 21 day risk-free home trial to make sure it is right for you. If at the end of the 21 days you decide that you would like to return the product for any reason, then simply call us and we will arrange to collect it and refund you 100% of all monies paid, including shipping costs.



DAB+ is the technology used in Australia for Digital Audio Broadcasting (digital radio).
Digital radio offers exceptional quality sound and a range of exciting features to enhance your listening experience including.

  • Clearer sound and improved reception.
  • More choice of stations, with up to 22 digital only stations available including chill, comedy, dance, country and many more.
  • Tuning by station name, not frequency,
    making it easy to find favourite stations.
  • Scrolling text on screen with artist and song information, weather and news updates and much more.



Pictured in Platinum Silver.

Pictured in Espresso Black.




Call 1800 641 115 to buy from our Sydney-based sales office.

Please note: Bose Wave® systems are not available in other retail or department stores.


What are Event or Pop Up digital radio stations?

Event or Pop Up stations are digital stations that exist for a short period of time or that change into another concept. Like ‘The Main Stage’ which celebrates artists like Lady Gaga and Kylie Minogue during their Australian tours, ‘Elf Radio’ playing Christmas songs throughout the festive season or ‘4TAB Help’ which provided useful information during the 2011 Queensland Floods.

Will AM and FM radio be switched off soon?

There are no plans at this stage to switch off AM and FM radio services. As there are an estimated five radio devices per home, listeners must be given time to change their radios before any discussion of the switch off of analogue services. In addition, planning needs to continue for the switch on of digital services to the rest of Australia outside of the five metropolitan capital cities.

Is digital radio the same as internet radio?

No, digital radio is broadcast free to air over the airwaves via DAB+ technology. Internet-only radio services are streamed over the telecommunications networks and incur a download cost which varies depending on the internet service provider package. Free to air broadcast radio stations also stream their current radio stations plus any new digital services on the internet as well as broadcasting, so the content can be accessed on both platforms.

When I first turned on my digital radio I couldn’t hear all my favourite stations.

When you first switch on your digital radio simply press the “full scan” or “auto tune” button so that all the stations in your area can be stored in the memory of the radio.

Will I experience a delay with digital radio?

Latency is a part of digital systems generally and applies equally to digital TV. Approximately 3-4 seconds of latency for DAB+ digital radio is unavoidable resulting from system implementation delays. There is a trade-off between reducing these delays and the likelihood of errors being transmitted.

How do I receive digital radio in my car?

Digital radio is available as standard in the Toyota Camry Atara SL, Lexus GS and Hino 300, 500 and 700 series trucks. BMW and Audi also offer DAB+ as an option in some new car models. A range of aftermarket radios that can be self installed or professionally fitted are also available for vehicles. Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) continues to work with the car industry to have DAB+ digital radios factory fitted in all cars.